One of the most talented designers who inspired me is Shirin Ehya, the creator of the limited edition furniture line ” Isfahan collection by Shirin Ehya”.

She was the first designer who had the intuition that our past, our lranian lifestyle and the wonders of our millenarian Persia may be a right starting point in the creation of a new product concept, perfectly balanced between Middle East and Europe, between past and present which can be projected into the future.

Her furniture line, “Isfahan Collection”, is an excellent example of this winning mix: she approached the workmanships of the masters of the decoration styles Aynekary and Khatam Kari, combining them with the cleanliness and the functionality of Western design.

So, my warmest thanks to Shirin: she opened my eyes and my mind, playing a truly essential role in my style project.

Narguess Hatami

ehya chair

coffee table

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Shirin Ehya’ mirror